Personal Fitness Trainer – University Degree

Personal Fitness Trainer (University Qualifications)
Paul Wright BEd. PE. HE.       Personal Fitness Trainer (University Degree)

The Physiology of Exercise – the beginning

“There is a vibrancy that comes with Youth”…

… the same Energy however comes to all those who live a fulfilling life of happiness, health, wealth and accomplishment.

I am talking to you Champ!

Sir Richard Branson was once purported to have said that the #1 thing to do to become successful in business was to work out. (Paraphrased and my apologies Sir Richard). He also undertook to build numerous health facilities to give access to his staff in the UK (and probably some other places) and one of the first things he noticed was an increase in productivity in his various businesses.

What I am going to show you today……. at no cost whatsoever, is …

How to Get Fit; with or without a personal fitness trainer.

And how to Stay Fit for Life

Surprisingly enough it is not really as difficult as you think, yet living in today’s modern society we are all bombarded with the newest gizmos, potions and secret formulas telling us of the next sure fire way to make us slim, sexy and attractive. Sounds to me like getting fit is a popularity contest where you meet your new love match or make yourself immortal.

Well sorry to disappoint you but here you are going to be faced with the harsh yet simple truth about how to get fit.

You will have to move your body on a regular basis and for periods beginning from 15 to 30 minutes at least 3 times a week – wow, what a concept.

Stop watching that pathetic program on Television and get your own butt into gear.

Fear not, it is really much more enjoyable than you think and it will change your life for the better. It does not matter if you are 18 years old and abound with vibrant energy or if you are 75 and carrying an extra 95 kilograms (that’s about 210 pounds to our American friends), the principles are the same and fortunately, so are the results.

Before we get started, on an exercise program there are a number of simple things that will serve you well to understand and to keep you going

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